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Can you study for your green card marriage interview?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | IMMIGRATION & NATURALIZATION - Family Immigration

You can certainly study for some parts of the immigration process, depending what you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, you may be a permanent resident who is trying to get citizenship. You have to take a naturalization test, and you can study the information that is going to be on this test. You’ll need to know how the United States government works, for example, and you can study the different branches.

But if you got your green card through marriage, you may also have to go to a green card marriage interview and speak with an officer from USCIS. Is it possible to study for this interview, considering it is such an important part of the process that could determine whether or not you actually get your green card? 

Questions about your life

No, you cannot study for your green card marriage interview, at least not extensively. You may be able to brush up on example questions that other people have been asked, or you can read about the goal of the interview itself. Essentially, the interviewer is just trying to find out if your marriage is legitimate or if you entered into it fraudulently just to get a green card.

To do this, though, the interviewer is just going to ask you questions about your daily life with your spouse. They may ask where you like to go out to eat, when you first met, if you have met each other’s extended families, where you went on a first date, who takes care of certain chores around the house and things of this nature.

If you and your spouse answer similarly, then it shows that the marriage is legitimate. If you provide very different answers, the interviewer may suspect that it is fraudulent. This is a very important interview, but not one that you can study for in advance.

Your legal options

When it comes to your immigration status, it’s crucial that you understand exactly what legal steps you can take and what rights you have.