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Helping You Resolve Complex Family Law Problems

Legal matters involving your family can be very stressful and confusing. At Black Rock Legal Group, PLLC, we are committed to helping you through every stage of your divorce or family law challenge. When you a struggling with a complicated and sensitive dispute, you can rely on our attorneys to offer personalized, knowledgeable counsel you require.

Decades Of Experience With Divorce Cases

Our attorneys bring over two decades of legal experience to each case we take. We understand the complexity of Florida family law and can advise you on many divorce-related issues, including child support, time-sharing and visitation, as well as division of marital assets and postnuptial agreements. Countless individuals and families in Bradenton and Sarasota have benefitted from our caring and insightful advice, and you can, too.

Representation In Post-Divorce Actions

We also advocate for clients in many post-divorce concerns. In the event that a parent with custody of the children wants to move following a divorce, our attorneys can explain each parent’s rights and obligations under Florida’s recent law regarding parental relocation.

If there is a significant change in circumstances after a divorce, such as a job loss or a change in income, we help clients with post-divorce modification motions. Modification motions can involve requests to change custody, increase or decrease child support or alimony, or modify other terms of a divorce decree.

It is critical to work with an attorney on modification motions. If you and another party agree to modify a custody or financial support order without a court’s approval, you will not be able to take legal action if the other party violates your agreement. Our attorneys can help you follow the appropriate steps to secure a modification, which can protect your interests today and in the years ahead.

When Family Law Issues Do Not Involve Divorce

In addition to providing comprehensive representation to clients during divorce, we handle many other types of family law cases for engaged couples, unmarried parents, stepparents, grandparents and concerned relatives.

Turn to us for assistance with issues involving:

  • Paternity services for fathers and mothers
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Prenuptial agreements

As your legal allies, we will customize our approach according to your specific goals and circumstances. We are qualified to represent you in negotiations and court if necessary.

Struggling With A Family Law Concern? Get Help Here.

Don’t let your uncertainty about your rights and the law prevent you from resolving your matter. We are here and ready to help you move past your legal problem. Reach a lawyer who cares via our online form or by calling 941-999-2557 today.

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