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Your Ally In The Immigration And Naturalization Process

At Black Rock Legal Group, PLLC, we have firsthand knowledge of the immigration and naturalization process. Not only is Bradenton immigration lawyer Dixon Sandaire a naturalized citizen, but he also spent part of his early career working for United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

As a husband-and-wife legal team who have gone through the immigration process, our attorneys understand the emotional stress and red tape common to the immigration and naturalization process. Our team can relate to the personal experience you are going through as we help you get past legal hurdles on your way to reaching your goals.

Offering A Range Of Immigration Legal Services

In our initial visit, we will discuss the details of your current situation and what you are trying to accomplish. We build strong relationships with our clients so that we feel confident that we understand all aspects of their challenges and legal objectives.

Whether your goals are family-related, business-related, job-related or tied to criminal charges, we can help. Our firm has a long track record of success in both simple and complex immigration cases. The types of immigration cases we can help you with include:

The list above is not comprehensive, but gives a good overview of what we offer. Whatever your immigration needs are, our lawyers can help.

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To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your immigration legal needs, call us at 941-999-2557 or fill out our online contact form.

We offer services in English, French and Creole.