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4 reasons the U.S. government wants and needs immigrants

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2023 | Immigration & Naturalization

The prospect of immigrating to America is confusing and overwhelming to most hopefuls. The media can make it seem even more daunting by opting to focus on the difficulties of immigration instead of its positive aspects.

Like many, you may believe no one wants you to come to the United States, but that is not the case. Many Americans welcome diverse new cultures, but perhaps more importantly, the government wants and needs you here.

It values your economic contributions

You and those like you contribute significantly to the U.S. economy by starting businesses, paying taxes and purchasing goods and services. The government understands that immigrants boost innovation, diversity and entrepreneurship, driving economic growth.

It needs your skills, talent and labor

No one knows better than the government how immigration helps to address labor shortages in various industries, such as healthcare, construction and agriculture. The nation welcomes the unique skills, background and expertise immigrants add to the U.S. workforce.

It appreciates the boost in global competitiveness

Talented and skilled people from other nations enhance America’s global competitiveness and position as a leader in innovation and technology. The nation needs immigration to maintain this position and have a stream of candidates to replace those lost to retirement and other events.

It needs cultural enrichment

Those in powerful government positions know that immigration introduces diverse perspectives and cultural traditions that enrich American society. They want this enrichment because it can enhance and expand the U.S.’s worldwide influence.

The next time the challenges of U.S. immigration keep you from starting the process, think about what you learned here. With knowledge and experienced guidance, it may be easier than you think for your family to live and work lawfully in Florida or another state.