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2 simple ways you can help your parents through immigration

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | IMMIGRATION & NATURALIZATION - Family Immigration

A top goal for many lawful permanent residents in Florida is to help their parents come to America. Reunifying your family here in the U.S. can help you and your parents feel complete and connected.

As you may know, family-based immigration requires several official procedures, such as filing the proper documents and providing background information. These requirements can seem overwhelming to your parents, but you can ease their transition to America with the following tips.

Make sure you follow procedure

Remember that even a minor oversight in your petition or a missing document can delay or prevent family immigration. Find out what is required by all parties, and ensure you fulfill your obligations swiftly.

For example, you must show you can support your parents financially before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will approve your petition. Gather documentation such as tax returns and proof of income and submit it to the USCIS on time.

Keep your parents informed

The USCIS strives to process family-based green card petitions as quickly as possible, but it can take a long time. Keep your parents in the loop regarding the progress of your petition to ease any fears or concerns they may have.

While waiting for each next step, consider sharing with your parents what it is like to live in America. Your stories can help them become familiar with life in a different country.

Awaiting approval for family immigration can be nerve-wracking for you and your parents. Keep a positive outlook and stay on top of your petition. Legal guidance may help to ensure you meet the requirements of immigration and encounter few or no obstacles.