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Could you be deported to a country you barely recognize? 

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | IMMIGRATION & NATURALIZATION - Criminal Defense

When people think about deportation, they often imagine someone illegally entering the United States from another country and then being sent back there just a short time later. This person is being returned to their home because they did not have the proper paperwork to stay in the United States. At least, this is the view that many people take.

But there can be cases in which people are being deported to countries that they barely recognize or don’t even remember – countries that they certainly do not think of as “home.” For example, there was one case where a young man came over with his parents when he was a child. He was then convicted of a crime and served his term in jail, but he was deported back to his parents’ home country afterward. He was then 49 years old, and he had absolutely no connection to the country. All the same, he was told that it was technically his home and that that is where he had to stay. He was forced to leave the country he actually thought of as his home behind.

What options do you have?

Naturally, if you find yourself worried about a situation like this, you likely want to know how you can prevent deportation. The tactics you use are going to depend on the specific details of your case. How did you arrive in the United States? How old were you and when did it happen? What is the reason for the deportation? How old are you now?

But the story noted above shows you how important it is to explore all of your legal actions. It is possible to be deported in this manner, so you must know what steps to take and what legal options you have at this time.